Tidyverse for Beginners

Workshop plan

Are you new to this R business and short on time? Would you like to start working with data in R without having to go through the arduous process of learning all the programming details first? Do you have a neat data set you’d like to explore and visualise? This might be the workshop for you! Or are you an experienced old school R programmer who learned how to do everything in base R? Are you secretly nervous around pipes? Do you sometimees wonder whether the tibble is worth the trouble? Then this might be for you too!

The idea is for everyone to bring a data set of their own, and to work together as a group to explore the data sets using tidyverse. We’ll cover:

  • The basic mechanics of tidyverse
  • Exploring data with dplyr: summarise variables, group_by to split by groups, filter the cases you’re interested in, select variables that matter, arrange data into a format you want, using mutate to transform variables
  • Visualising data with ggplot2: histograms, scatter plots, box plots, violin plots, plots with error bars, breaking down plots separately by group, customising your plot to make it preeeettty.
  • Depending on need (and time!) we might cover some of the annoying data wrangling jobs like how to use gather and spread to switch between “wide” and “long” form data with only a modest amount of pain!

Workshop content

The content for the workshop follows the slides linked below and uses content from the github repository.


In addition to Dani’s presentation, the workshop builds on contributions from Jenny Richmond, Lisa Williams and Steph de Silva in developing the concept, providing feedback, promoting the workshop, and so many other things. It’s very much a joint effort :-)

Unofficial workshop mascot!

Credit goes to Jen Richmond for the workshop concept…

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