June 2020 Show and Tell

Our June Show and Tell was another great showcase of all great things Tidyverse.

  1. John Ormond showed us how he has used gganimate to teach students how principal components analysis works. John’s code is available here

  2. Jenny Sloane shared a series of tips and tricks for making working in R easier. Check out Jenny’s tips and tricks here

  3. Rachel Mak made a shiny app that allows you to zoom in on part of a ggplot (and then showed us how Python actually does it better- code to come). See how to make a plot zoomable with Shiny here.

  4. Jen Richmond showed us a few different ways to get data into R (googlesheets4 and datapasta), some ggplot tips for visualising points (ggbeeswarm and ggeasy) and some RMarkdown magic for getting ggplot exported to png. Check out her code here.

  5. Kristy Robledo showed us how to use the flextable package to make beautiful tables in RMarkdown that knit REALLY nicely to word. She has a blog post here that walks you through how to use this great package!.

thanks to everyone who shared- it was SUPER fun!

RLadies Sydney

R-Ladies Sydney is devoted to promoting gender diversity in the R community. We run monthly meetups that create a welcoming and inclusive enviornment for you to learn R. You can join our meetup group here and see some events that we have run recently. We also run informal