Unit 3: VizW(h)iz


Welcome to the third unit of RYouWithMe! In Unit 3, we’re tackling data visualisation!


Unit 3 has five lessons:

  1. Plotting Raw Data
  2. Boxes, Violins, and Histograms
  3. Bars, Columns, and Scatterplots
  4. Customising Plots
  5. GIFS! A VizW(h)iz Bonus Lesson

Plus, we’ve sourced some beautiful plots on quick demand from some ggplot pros. (pros relative to us, at least!) Check out the plots and their RMD files at the VizW(h)iz Gallery

Why “VizW(h)iz”?

R-Ladies Sydney co-founders Lisa Williams and Jen Richmond, who conjured up the name of this unit, had different things in mind! Lisa had in mind “VizWiz” - as in Visualisation Wizardry! Jen had in mind “VizWhiz” - as in Becoming a Whiz in Visualisation!

It turns out this debate cannot be won (or lost). True, wizards are classically male - though we’re all about busting stereotypes at R-Ladies Sydney! Also true - while it’s great to be a whiz at something, we all know by know learning R isn’t such a speedy undertaking!

To bridge this great divide, we find ourselves with a compromise: VizW(h)iz!!

Lets start by visualising raw data